HSEQ Policy Statement

ROMAR International specialise in the provision of innovative technologies associated with magnetic separation, decontamination of drilling fluids and spill prevention and containment.  We provide cost effective technologies to our clients that safeguard the operational integrity of their assets, extend their life, reduce operating costs, improve reliability and minimise operational disruption.

ROMAR International recognise the importance of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) considerations within business services and activities that potentially have an impact on:

  • The scope of supply to our Client base in the UK and internationally
  • Our employees and business practices
  • Our surroundings and the environments in which we operate

ROMAR International acknowledges the requirement to demonstrate commitment to this policy by encouraging proactivity and by protecting all personnel and the environment affected by ROMAR International activities and undertakings.  ROMAR International will promote and communicate this policy to all personnel and interested parties and will review this policy on a regular basis to ensure that it remains appropriate to the nature and scale of our activities.

Plans and Objectives, appropriate to the nature and scale of our activities, are established and implemented.  Review of business performance occurs at regular intervals.

ROMAR International understands the expectations and requirements outlined in legislation within the countries to which it delivers its services, as well as industry guidance and best practice relevant to the sectors in which Clients are involved.  The Directors are accountable for the implementation of the policy and the management of HSEQ on a day-to-day basis.

The Directors will ensure that the business:

  • Has processes and procedures in place that control business risks arising from its undertakings
  • Commits to the continual improvement of the HSEQ Management System and HSEQ performance
  • Regularly consults with employees on matters affecting HSEQ
  • Provides and maintains safe plant and equipment
  • Provides suitable and sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision for personnel to be competent to fulfil their tasks
  • Commits to the prevention of injury and ill-health
  • Complies with applicable legal and any other requirements to which it subscribes, and commits to fulfil its compliance obligations
  • Recognises the responsibility to manage the environmental impacts of services and has assessed its activities and identified significant environmental aspects and impacts
  • Commits to protecting the environment, including prevention of pollution and by continually monitoring procedures and processes, improve our environmental performance

Further information with regards to responsibilities and arrangements for HSEQ are detailed in specific procedures and processes (the Management System).

Managing Director : Robert Stables

Finance Director : Duncan Scott

Date: 25th October 2018

View Signed Document: ROMAR Signed HSEQ Policy

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