The Magnogrid® is a high strength magnetic tool designed with performance and manual handling as the main considerations to provide a complete magnetic barrier across the width and depth of drilling fluid from down-hole returns. All Magnogrid® are designed and engineered to each specific location thereby maximising metal particle separation efficiency. The Magnogrid® magnetic rods are suspended from a frame that is fabricated to fit the rig flow line. On a conventional drilling application, a typical rig installation would apply 2-3 frames with the magnetic rods offset for maximum coverage. This system is highly flexible, additional frames can easily be added to increase coverage where an increased quantity of metallic debris is expected - such as the cutting of a whipstock window.  The geometry of our Magnogrid® rods and frames can also be adapted to fit all geometries of flow line or tank, as illustrated below.



Significant reduced manual handling advantages

Extremely effective metallic particle recovery

Protects drilling equipment from damage

Recovers metallic particles across a range of sizes

Extends equipment life & reduces NPT

Fast to deploy and easy to install

Magnetic coverage can be optimised for both flat and round-bottomed flow lines

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