ROMAR International Appointment Demonstrates Confidence Amid Industry Challenges

Mid-way into their 20th Anniversary year and Aberdeen-based swarf management specialists, ROMAR International continues to make strides despite industry pressures, by announcing the appointment of Alan Shanks to the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Effective 1st June 2020, Alan's appointment will add further strength to the board and executive leadership team, overseeing the global finance team and contributing to the company's ongoing growth strategy. With a wealth of cross-industry experience in accelerating corporate growth as well as managing investor relations, raising capital, strategic business planning and handling mergers and acquisitions Alan previously held executive management positions with EY, ISS and ROVOP ltd before launching his consultancy. Speaking of his appointment, Alan said: "While it is unquestionably a challenging period for the industry, it's an exciting time to join ROMAR. Despite the uncertainties of late, the team has done a fantastic job of preparing the business for inclement weather, and the robustness of the ROMAR business model presented me with an attractive opportunity. It's clear that there is significant scope for future growth here, and I look forward to exploring that further. I would like to thank Duncan for his demonstrable commitment to the business through his tenure. His efforts have positioned the business well for further growth, and I look forward to working with the ROMAR team to build on his legacy and ensure ongoing support for our clients as they navigate these trying times." Alan will succeed Duncan Scott, who is retiring as ROMAR's CFO after serving the company for six years. Duncan will remain at ROMAR through June 2020 to support the transition to Alan. Speaking of the changes, CEO Malcolm MacKenzie said "We owe a lot to Duncan, who has been an integral part of the company's executive leadership team and helped secure the business through some exceptionally trying times for the industry. He has been instrumental to our growth, and we thank him for his dedication and commitment to the business. We are sad to lose him to golf, but we are also delighted to welcome Alan on board. His fresh insight and experience will undoubtedly add further strength to our board and leadership team, and we all look forward to working with him." This is the second executive appointment this year for the oil-field services company has built a solid foundation to weather an inclement economic climate. Specialising in magnetic separation technologies, ROMAR has carved a successful niche over the last two decades, providing its patented products and services to environmentally-minded operators and services companies.


ROMAR International Audited to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018

We are delighted to announce that ROMAR have been audited and re-certified by DNV to the latest ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards. This is an impressive achievement, testament to ROMAR’s commitment to providing the highest quality products and services to its clients. Even more so, considering that this process was carried out during the current COVID-19 emergency with team members working remotely and safely. If we can assist in the planning of your upcoming work then don't hesitate to contact us.


COVID-19 Update

The current COVID-19 pandemic affects our families and way of life. As we navigate these uncertain times, ROMAR are working to ensure the safety of our workforce and to ensure business continuity. Over the past few months our teams have been working from home to help prevent the spread of the virus. If we can help in the planning and optimisation of current or future activity then don’t hesitate to contact us.


Case Study: ROMAR Ez-Clean Ditch Magnet System applied on a Whipstock Sidetrack

Just before the current Covid-19 shut down, we completed a whipstock side-track job for a land rig operator in the Middle East using our Ez-Clean Ditch Magnet System. This job is a great example of how our technology can optimise efficiency and safety. The window was milled through 9-5/8” casing. 300 Kg of metal debris was recovered at the shakers using our Ez-Clean system over an 11 hour period. 23 Kg was also recovered using string magnets. In such operations it is vital to clear the wellbore and fluid of metal debris to reduce the risk of surface or downhole equipment failure. Our Ez-Clean system allows this to be done faster, thus saving rig days and expense for the operator. Most importantly, this operation was also completed safely with no injury to personnel from sharp metal shards.


Multiple Milestones for ROMAR International in 20th Anniversary Year

SWARF management specialists, ROMAR International, have announced changes to their Board and Executive Leadership team following the Retirement of CEO Robert Stables as part of a planned succession strategy. Effective from the 3rd April 2020, former COO Malcolm Mackenzie will take the reins as CEO, bringing more than 25 years' experience in the Oil and Gas Industry to the ROMAR International Board of Directors. Current CEO, Robert Stables informed the Board in 2019 of his intention to retire as CEO by mid-2020. The Board completed a phased succession process, to announce a successor by the end of Q1 2020 and were delighted to recruit from within, a suitable candidate with a strong track record in the industry and the company's growth to date. Before joining ROMAR International in 2012, Malcolm spent much of his time with MI SWACO, working in several roles and with a wide range of clients. As CEO, Malcolm now joins the Board of ROMAR International Limited and will be responsible for leading the ongoing growth of ROMAR in its 20th year of business. Speaking of his appointment, Malcolm said "With our 20th Anniversary just around the corner, ROMAR enjoys a strong position in the market, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to continue this growth. Rob has been involved with ROMAR for over six years, leading the company through some of the toughest times that we have seen in the Oil and Gas industry. During his tenure, the company has grown to be one of the world's largest providers of Swarf Handling services in the Oil and Gas sector and I would like to thank him for his tireless efforts and endeavour to deliver positive change which will further embed and enable the values he has instilled in both the company and me during this transition phase." Speaking of his decision and the Board's appointment to the role, Robert said "I have enjoyed a highly rewarding career working with major operators and ground-breaking projects and our 20th Anniversary is a fitting milestone to make my departure. I am particularly proud of ROMAR, its people and its products, and its continued growth and development during tough times is a testament to these factors. I have no doubt Malcolm will successfully continue to build on this. As well as significant operational experience, Malcolm has demonstrated great leadership, supporting me throughout and has developed a strong cultural sensitivity and awareness of wider stakeholder requirements, including industry bodies, which I know he will be put to good use". Robert remains a shareholder and is actively involved with the leadership of the company, ensuring a smooth handover before leaving the organisation, with a solid foundation and a strong, committed team who will ensure that performance is maintained throughout and beyond the leadership transition.


ROMAR SS1000 Swarf System in East Africa

The ROMAR International team have completed another well abandonment operation, this time in East Africa. Our SS1000 system optimized both safety and performance on this land based campaign. If we can assist optimizing performance on your decommissioning or slot recovery work, then don't hesitate to get in touch at info@romarinternational.co.uk


COVID-19 Update

Given the current COVID-19 emergency, ROMAR International team members are following government advice and working from home - where we aim to maintain a high standard of customer support. If our operations, business development, or support team members can assist in any way, we can be reached on our mobile numbers, e-mail addresses or at info@romarinternational.co.uk


ROMAR UK North Sea - SS1000 Team Performance

Congratulations and thanks to the ROMAR swarf handling team on a recent milling job in the UK Central North Sea for their efforts maximising service quality and performance. The crew received the highest possible evaluation score from the client for QHSE engagement, proactive approach, co-operation/communication, equipment performance, attitude & performance, keeping to deadlines/preparedness and housekeeping. If we can help optimise performance on your upcoming milling campaign then don't hesitate to get in touch.


New ROMAR SS1000 System Installation in East Africa

We’re preparing to install another SS1000 swarf handling system, this time for a client in East Africa. The use of a guide base to place our unit between the rig floor and the active system, allows good gravity flow and avoids the use of centrifugal pumps. Thus minimizing equipment footprint and cost. Our SS1000 system will allow optimized milling parameters and rates – thus reducing rig days and operator expense. Safety is also maximized with personnel not having to handle sharp metal debris. If we can help optimize performance on your upcoming milling work, then don't hesitate to get in touch.


New ROMAR Ez-Clean Magnet Shipments Worldwide

The ROMAR team have been busy with new shipments of our Ez-Clean ditch magnets for multiple projects worldwide, ranging from South America to the Middle East and North Sea. Our Ez-Clean rods offer much greater operational efficiency and importantly, are considerably safer to operate than old conventional bar magnets.


New SS1000 Swarf Handling Projects in Europe

The ROMAR workshop team have been working hard to prepare for a series of four new SS1000 swarf handling jobs. These systems are all destined for operations in offshore Europe and are all expected to load out within the week. If we can help optimise milling performance on your upcoming project then don’t hesitate to contact us.


ROMAR Ez-Clean Ditch Magnet System in the Middle East

Our Ez-Clean ditch magnet system being run on a rig in the Middle East to clear debris from the well with a much greater degree of efficiency and safety than is possible with bar magnets. If we can help improve efficiency and safety on your operations, then don't hesitate to contact us.


New ROMAR Packer Management System Technology

ROMAR Packer Management Systems monitor the pressure on slip joint packers, detect leaks and automatically energise back-up packers to prevent spills to the ocean. We’re preparing to release a series of major updates to our system. Clients now have the option of remotely accessing a ROMAR PMS systems on their rigs securely from anywhere in world. Slip joint packer status and pressure can be remotely monitored in real time. ROMAR technicians can provide technical support, fault-find and update software, without visiting the rig. Thus reducing expensive rig visits and freeing up bed space offshore. This capability will be available as an option on both new installations and as an update to existing systems.


New ROMAR SS1000 System for Australasia

It's been wet and cold in Aberdeenshire, but that's another ROMAR SS1000 swarf system shipping out to warmer conditions in Australasia. This will allow optimized milling performance on an upcoming well abandonment campaign in the Indian Ocean. Great work from our workshop team in preparing the system on time in difficult weather conditions.


New ROMAR Packer Management System Installations

It was a busy end to 2019 for ROMAR Senior Electrical Technician Ross Mathieson. Ross has been busy commissioning ROMAR Packer Management Systems and upgrades in the US Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Norway. Our Packer Management System (PMS) constantly monitors the slip-joint on semi-submersible rigs and drill ships and automatically activates the back-up packer, should the primary packer fail. Thus avoiding fluid spills to the ocean and protecting the marine environment. We look forward to 2020 with our new technology PMS systems. These are capable of simultaneously monitoring 3x packers and have the added the capability to monitor packer wear in real time, determine seal life remaining and thus predict the point of failure. This gives operators the ability to accurately schedule preventative maintenance. Previous processes have been dependent upon waiting for failure to occur before reacting.


ROMAR Ez-Clean Shipment for the Central North Sea

We're shipping another Ez-Clean ditch magnet system to an operator in the Central North Sea. Each frame covers the full width and depth of the rig header tank for optimum coverage. Most importantly, our Ez-Clean rods can be cleaned without the operator contacting sharp metal shards, a considerable safety advantage. If we can assist optimizing performance and safety on your operations then don't hesitate to get in touch.


ROMAR - Mission Christmas Appeal

This Christmas, the ROMAR team made the decision to cancel our annual Secret Santa – and instead put our effort into collecting gifts for those less fortunate than ourselves. We’re just about to deliver our first shipment of gifts to the Mission Christmas Cash for Kids appeal. If you would like to help, more information can be found on the following Northsound1 link https://planetradio.co.uk/northsound/charity/events/mission-christmas-northsound-radio/


ROMAR Service Quality Commended

The ROMAR team have been commended for the high level of service quality attained on a recent SS1000 swarf handling job in the Central North Sea. Our crew received the maximum possible feedback rating from the operator for QHSE Engagement, Proactivity, Cooperation & Communication, Equipment Performance, Personnel Attitude & Performance, Preparedness and Housekeeping. The client commented “Great performance from all the ROMAR team throughout the project”.


New ROMAR Filter Tank System Video

We've just released a new narrated video covering our Filter Tank technology. The Filter Tank can be applied at locations such as liquid mud plants to remove metal debris - before the mud is applied on drilling projects. Thus greatly reducing the risk of down-hole or surface equipment failure, and reducing operator expense through the elimination of unplanned trips.


New ROMAR Ez-Clean System Video

We just released a narrated video covering our Ez-Clean ditch magnet technology. Our system is considerably safer and more effective than conventional bar magnets, thus greatly reducing the risk of injury and equipment failure for operators. If we can help increase safety and reduce operational cost on your drilling and milling activity - then don't hesitate to get in touch.


New SS1000 System for East Africa

The ROMAR team are preparing another SS1000 swarf handling system for shipment to a client in East Africa. Our system will optimise both performance and safety during milling operations on this significant client well abandonment campaign.


ROMAR SS1000 Systems - 80,000 ft of Milling Experience

ROMAR SS1000 swarf handling systems have now been involved in the milling of over 80,000 ft of casing. This work has ranged from large scale decommissioning projects, single well abandonments to slot recovery milling to enhance production. In the past year, our systems have operated in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and both North and South America. The principal driver in all this work has been reduced operator cost through the elimination of NPT and saved rig days via accelerated milling performance.


ITN Productions - ROMAR International Video

ITN Productions recently filmed a series of interviews for Oil & Gas UK at ROMAR's Aberdeenshire base. This video was launched at the 2019 Offshore North Sea Conference and covers the application of our technology to increase operator performance and reduce production and decommissioning cost.


New ROMAR SS1000 Installation - Offshore Holland

The ROMAR team have just installed another SS1000 system for milling operations on a jack-up rig in Holland.


ROMAR SS1000 Systems Have Now Recovered Over 4,000,000 Kg of Debris

ROMAR International’s SS1000 swarf systems have now recovered over 4,000,000 Kg of debris on milling operations. Our activity has grown significantly in the past year to include the Middle East, Asia, South America, North America, Africa and Europe. This is a significant performance milestone, all achieved with a remarkable service quality record. Thanks go to all our team members for making this happen! For more information on our SS1000 system and performance contact us at info@romarinternational.co.uk


ITN Camera Crew Filming at ROMAR HQ

The ROMAR team just spent a day filming with an ITN Productions camera crew at our Aberdeenshire base. We look forward to sharing some of the footage with you in the near future!


New ROMAR SS1000 Installation

Our SS1000 system has just been urgently installed for a client in the UK North Sea, following the failure of a competitor swarf unit. Thanks go to the ROMAR International operations team and crew for their rapid response, saving the operator further downtime and expense.


SS1000 Swarf Handling Performance in the Middle East

We’ve just completed another successful swarf handling job for a major operator in the Middle East. 106 ft of 9-5/8” 53.5 lbs/ft casing was milled, with a total of 2.6 tons of debris (steel + cement) recovered by our SS1000 unit. The attached photo illustrates our Flowhead assembly being installed prior to milling operations. This eliminated debris plugging in the rig lines and the associated down time. The job was completed with zero NPT and zero LTI’s.


Upgraded Packer Management System for South America

The ROMAR team are preparing an upgraded Packer Management System for shipping and installation on a deep water drill ship in South America. This system uses a new fail-safe dual power supply and PLC for reliable operation in harsh conditions. Our electronically activated PMS system immediately detects and reacts to very small drops in riser pressure, automatically energising the back-up slip-joint packer - thus guarding against mud spills and environmental damage from drill ships and semi-submersible rigs. If you would like to discuss any similar applications then don’t hesitate to contact us on info@romarinternational.co.uk


New Equipment Fabricated for Operations in Africa

The ROMAR team have just completed fabrication & assembly of a large adjustable support frame to optimise our SS1000 system on an upcoming land decommissioning campaign in Africa. This allows gravity returns from our unit to the rig active system and avoids the use of centrifugal pumps and a holding tank. Thus minimising equipment cost and footprint for our client. The use of a ‘gravity’ return system also reduces complexity in a swarf system, thus reducing the risk of downtime and NPT during well abandonment operations.


New SS1000 System Air Freighted to the Middle East

We’ve just air freighted another SS1000 swarf system to the Middle East for a major operator’s upcoming well abandonment campaign. The system was loaded into a Cargolux 747 freighter at Prestwick for shipment to the Gulf. Thanks to the hard work of the ROMAR operations and workshop teams as we serve new markets around the world.


SE-Asia Ez-Clean Customer Feedback

Extremely positive feedback received from a ROMAR International customer in SE Asia who applied our Ez-Clean system on their 2018-2019 drilling campaign “This is the second campaign to utilize the magnets and the efficiency continues to be outstanding. We experienced zero MWD/LWD failures attributed to metal cuttings and none were reported in the tool tear downs. We also experienced zero pump issues related to metal cuttings in the drilling fluid. These results are outstanding given the fact that over 500 feet of 7” casing was milled and the tortuous nature of the wells drilled. We look forward to utilizing the magnets on future projects”


SS1000 System Performance Update

The ROMAR team have just completed the latest well on an ongoing UK milling campaign. The client has reported that our SS1000 system is “working extremely well” with 2,998ft of casing and liner milled at an average ROP of 5 ft/hr with zero non-productive time or lost time incidents on the job.


ROMAR Commission 17th New SS1000 System

We have just commissioned ROMAR International’s 17th SS1000 swarf handling system. In the past four years our fleet has more than doubled in size to meet increased demand on decommissioning and well abandonment campaigns worldwide. This unique SS1000+, Zone 1 compatible unit can operate at flow rates of 1,500 gpm and capacities of up to 2,000 Kg/hr, thus removing any restriction on milling performance for our clients.


ROMAR Awarded New Business in North Africa

We are delighted to report that ROMAR International Ltd have been awarded the swarf handling business on a series of up to six land wells for an international operator in North Africa. Our SS1000 system will remove any restriction on parameters to allow optimised milling performance on this campaign


ROMAR International HSEQ Performance

We are proud to report that 2018 was a record year for ROMAR International. We recovered 1,038,739 kg of swarf during the milling of 17,642 ft of casing over 54x milled intervals. Despite this being the busiest year in the history of the company, we maintained an exemplary safety record. The below stats are a testament to the focus of our team.


ROMAR International Swarf Handling Video

The latest version of our Swarf Handling product video.


ROMAR International Ez-Clean System Video

Our Ez-Clean and Filter Tank system video details the challenge of drilling fluid system contamination - and our solutions to break this cycle.


ROMAR International Finalists in the SPE 2018 Offshore Achievement Awards

We are delighted that ROMAR International have been announced as a finalist in the SPE 2018 Offshore Achievement Awards, Export Achievement Category. The award ceremony will be held on the 22nd March 2018 at the Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre. This result is a testament to hard work of ROMAR team members in projects across the world. Our growth through 2017 has seen us win additional business with customers in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.


ROMAR International have received the latest ISO certifications

ROMAR International have received the latest ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certification. This has been approved and certified by DNV.


Romar International delivers additional Ez-Clean Ditch Magnets to Malaysia

Romar International delivers additional Ez-Clean Ditch Magnets to Malaysia due to the high demand and Issues caused by metallic contaminants circulating in drilling fluid. Manual handling risks minimised - Magnetic Rods weigh less than 4kg.


Another very successful swarf handling job carried out by Romar

Another very successful swarf handling job carried out on a new field decommissioning campaign in the UK offshore Moray Firth. Our SS1000 system recovered 5,000 Kg tons of debris from the section milling of a 100 ft 9-5/8” casing window.


ROMAR International have completed the upgrade of its Packer Management System

ROMAR International have just completed the upgrade of our Packer Management System on a semi-submersible rig in the Central North Sea.

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