Ditch Magnet Performance

EZ-Clean Performance

The presence of fine metal debris in rig mud systems is known to be a major factor contributing to both surface and downhole tool failure. ROMAR International have recently carried out a performance trial with one of the major oilfield service providers who believe that downhole tool failure caused by fine metal debris is one of their top three problems worldwide. As the market leader in magnetic separation technologies, ROMAR proposed the use of their EZ-Clean system as a long term, fit for purpose, cost effective solution to this metal contaminantation and associated damage to expensive MWD / LWD / RSS Directional drilling equipment. The trial objective was be to demonstrate the effectiveness of the system in removing hazardous metal contaminants along with the operational simplicity and improved safety and manual handling attributes of the EZ-Clean system.

EZ-Clean rod magnets were mobilised to three land rigs in the United States. The rig flow lines were found to be of an enclosed design but the flexible design of our system allowed wide frames to be fabricated and mounted adjacent to the shale shakers. Each rig was fitted with two offset frames for full uninterrupted magnetic coverage.   


Rig 1: 24.41 Kg metal recovered in 2 days

Rig 2: 7.45 Kg metal recovered in 1 day

Rig 3: 14.46 Kg metal recovered in 1 day

Key Findings

The trials proved to be a resounding success with each system installation demonstrating a clear and unequivocal performance improvement over the other metallic separation and recovery methods being employed on each rig. In theory, the EZ-Clean system ought to have been recovering minimal quantities of fine metal contaminants. In practice the EZ-Clean systems recovered large volumes of both coarse and fine metallic debris that was not being picked up by the rig's other solids control systems (shakers and block type magnets). Key findings were as below

  • The EZ-Clean system was an effective metallic particle recovery system
  • Capable of recovering metallic particles across a range of sizes
  • Highly effective at protecting rig equipment from damage
  • Significant manual handling & safety advantages
  • Flexible system installation
  • Fast and easy to deploy
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