Swarf Handling Performance

Swarf Handling Performance : Offshore Brunei

86 tons of swarf recovered in 12 days with zero NPT

One of our SS1000 swarf units operating in Brunei recovered a record 86,800kg of metal swarf in 287 hours. A total of 149m of 9-5/8” casing was milled at a flow rate of 1,150 gpm and an ROP of 8m/hr. This flow rate and ROP was not possible prior to the introduction of Romar equipment. Zero non-productive time and zero HSE incidents were incurred. 

The Romar crew were highly commended by the oil company supervisors

“We were highly impressed with the swarf recovery equipment and Romar crew, we will be requesting there services for any future milling operations in Brunei and are now scheduled for a similar operation in Miri Malaysia”

Swarf Handling Performance : UK Central North Sea

33 tons of swarf recovered with zero NPT

Through 2014/2015 our SS2000 swarf unit on the rig Wil Hunter recovered a total of 33 tons of swarf over six induvidual milling jobs for a client in the UK Central North Sea. This was all carried out with zero NPT and zero safety incidents.

The Romar crew were commended by the operator DSV

“No issues at all through operations – very successful job by the Romar team. HSE attitude and commitment was excellent and set the target and standard for our other service companies !"

Swarf Handling Performance : Dutch North Sea

21.8 tons of swarf recovered in 9 days with zero NPT

In July 2015 one of our SS1000swarf units on the rig Regina Allen in the Dutch sector of the North Sea recovered a total of 21,800 kg of metal/swarf in 220.5 hours of miling. A total of 98m of 7-7/8” liner was milled at a flow rate of up to 610 gpm and an ROP of 1.5 m/hr with zero NPT. This was our first swarf job with this client who had previously used competitor systems. Our crew were commended for their performance – as a result of which, we were awarded additional business.

Swarf Handling Performance : Offshore Qatar

29 tons of swarf recovered with zero NPT

On a recent offshore well in Qatar, one of our SS1000 swarf units recovered a total of 29,461 Kg of metal from the section milling of three separate windows in 18-5/8” casing. A total of 71m was milled at a flow rate of 1,000 gpm using 10.3 ppg water based mud. Our unit operated for a total of 453 hours with zero down time/NPT and zero safety incidents. 

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